Personal Details

Age: 35
Driving: Yes, full licence
Current Position: Senior Web Developer, Multimedia Manager
Telephone: 07970 352 631
Outline: I am a very enthusiastic web developer and I like to be at the front of all new technology and methods. I am intelligent and an excellent problem solver. I can work extremly fast and enjoy nothing more than a taxing challenge.

Core Skills

I have been working in web development for more than 12 years now, long enough to understand that the job is not just to code, but to deliver what the client requires: on time, on budget and to fit their needs exactly. I am more than happy to supply evidence of my code style and examples of my work.

Programming Languages

  • ASP.Net C# inc 4.0
  • ASP.Net MVC 1,2,3
  • Javascript, inc jQuery
  • Html,xhtml inc some html5
  • Mobile Applications
  • CSS - inc CSS Sprites
  • ASP / VBScript inc on servers.
  • SQL MsSQL and MYSQL inc stored procedures and views.
  • JSon, XML and other output formats
  • Some Object C (mac applications )

Servers and Computer

  • Windows, Linux, Mac
  • IIS 6, 7
  • Database Clustering MySQL and MSSQL
  • Data Center Settup and management.
  • Working from remote locations
  • Virtual Environments
  • Web clusters / Web farms
  • Email Servers POP and SMTP
  • API Facilities
  • All duties of an internal IT department
  • The management and security of all servers and PC's
  • Build of new computers
  • Creation and management of SFTP Services on windows


  • Visual Studio 2010 with ReSharper
  • Subsonic - I contributed to this project.
  • PhpMyAdmin, SQL management tools
  • SSH, Putty, SFTP
  • Dreamweaver, Photoshop
  • WebMatrix
  • Remote Desktop
  • NuGet Package Manager
  • DOS, Terminal
  • SVN


  • Entity Framework Code First
  • Data Annotation
  • Secure and Encrypted Sessions across multiple servers ( web farms )
  • Razor Syntax
  • Excellent time saving ideas.
  • Excellent client side skills inc Ajax
  • Presentation Skills, inc mass tutorials / lessons to whole areas.
  • I am an excellent teacher, and love to share skills and knowledge.
  • I think way out of the box, and with PASSION.
  • I am a fun loving nerd with excellent sense of humour.
  • I like to work in a professional but down to earth environment.
  • I have proven expertise with formulating new ideas and improvements, often using a lateral, unique and innovative approach.

Employment History

I have worked in multiple places across my history, inc a chef. however only one place applies here and that is UYR Group, with who i have worked for 7 years before this i ran my own ecommerce store and programmed the early days of direct connect.

UYR Group

When I started working for UYR it was a very small company, with no IT or web department, but the proprietor had a vision of a full web-to-print system where their clients can manage, amend and send to print their artwork online with a minimum of bureaucracy and a maximum of speed and ease. I was instrumental in the creation of the system, which has enabled UYR to grow to a multi-million pound business with major national and international clients, employing some 50 people in a purpose built facility.
My duties now are as follows:

  • Manage a team of 5 developers
  • Meetings with clients at all levels
  • Lead developer on all major projects
  • Mentor and tutor to the other developers
  • Research new technologies and pass this onto the team
  • Manage company IT and software
  • Created and manage the data center in manchester.
  • Development of the web department inc hiring.

Work Description

My main work has been to create online systems to enable artwork creation online. The most popular users are nightclubs and bars, they have a collection of flyers and posters that they may amend and order at anytime. Features include, but is not limited to:

  • Movement of text
  • Create text with any font, color, align, size, opacity
  • Add, move and resize images and other vector graphics
  • Artwork is automatically created as a Hi-Res ready to print document
  • Authorisation of order cost, and artwork
  • Print any size, any qty
  • Create mult-paged documents
  • Templates available on menu's etc to save time
  • Restrictions on movement if needed
  • full order history, re-ordering, and saving of partial work
  • Ajax powered for better client experience.
  • create other documents from the template for things like E-Flyers
  • Restrict artwork designs and sizes to a specific zone/window/door within a venue
  • Bespoke request system for items beyond the scope of templates
  • Run from budget, periods, Purchase orders.
  • All other aspects of admin one would expect from a professional middleware.


Here is a list of a few of the clients I have created these systems for, each with there own way of working and processes. As these are internal corporate systems i am unable to give direct access, however I can provide the PDF tutorials that we provide to venues and managers.

Links and viewable work.

Below is a few websites that i have created between doing my main work of corporate intranets.

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References available.

Hobbies And Interests

I am a proud father of beautiful girls, I like fishing (carp), Golf, walks in country side and travel. I have a very keen enthusiasm for computers and technology, and I spend much time researching new ideas at the forefront of innovation. .